In Shivaisith there are 15 cases, divided into 5 groups.

  • Grammatical: Nominative, Accusative, Dative
  • Relational: Genitive, Comitative, Instrumental
  • Exterior: Adessive, Allative, Ablative
  • Interior: Inessive, Illative, Elative
  • Equative: Essive, Translative, Benefactive

To decline a word a suffix is added according to the following table.

Singular Plural
Grammatical Nominative -il
Accusative -e -ile
Dative -a -ila
Relational Genitive -as -asil
Comitative -ath -athil
Instrumental -ar -aril
Exterior Adessive -asku -ilasku
Ablative -aske -ilaske
Allative -aska -ilaska
Interior Inessive -aslu -ilaslu
Illative -asla -ilasla
Elative -asle -ilasle
Equative Essive -eshe -eshel
Translative -efe -efil
Benefactive -eva -evel

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